Our Loving List

We feel that all our projects should reflect love for our audience. And we take this very seriously. Before we start, we measure every project on our Loving List. Maybe our list can be an inspiration for you too. Please use it any way you like. And if you want: we‘d love to be of help! 

With love, Familie van Fonk. 

Are you positive? 

We think wrong is not learning. Punishment and reward might cause appropriate behavior, but is it is so much nicer when you learn because you are encouraged and really want to. Being told no decreases intrinsic motivation. Being asked what you think causes connection and growth! 

Are you kind? 

When you really know and love your topic, you might fall into the honey trap of knowing best. You might steer people through your content on your terms. Look here! Do this!

We believe you should always be kind. Maybe families really want to do something else, or experience
your content in a different way! Give them the space to do so. 

Are you personal? 

There is a personal value in everything.Your audience might like a painting because it reminds them of their grandmother.
(And not because it is so important in art history.) Trust families in nding their own value.

Give them the tools, but trust them to go in different directions than you might like. 

Will you change things? 

We built to last. In our projects, we always aim for a lasting impact that reaches beyond the actual use of the tool or product. We change things. 

Will you support differences? 

Everyone has different needs. We aim to serve all. In our projects we prefer all participants to be learners instead of facilitators.

Children, parents, teachers, all! In our processes we design room for everyone. Because an experience is better when you are intrinsically motivated: when you get to laugh, love and learn, on your own terms. Let us be the facilitators. 

Will you be about content? 

Technical solutions can be alluring. To use all the possibilities that lay before us!

We ercely ght this temptation. Content should always be the guide in choosing the right solution. One screen, two screens, an exhibit, a book, a set of cards, a trip, a series of lectures, an experience? We don’t know yet. Do you? 

Will you connect people? 

This is the most important one. Togetherness. Sometimes media can cut people off from the ones they love and need the most: the ones that are the closest.

We use media as a connecting force. In our projects you don’t look through your screen at the world, but you are in the world and use the screen as your guide.


Zo werken we bij Familie van Fonk. Gebruik gerust onze checklist voor jouw ideeën en plannen. Zelf, of samen met ons. Met een kop koffie! Wij denken graag mee.

Astrid Poot

Astrid is creatief directeur bij Familie van Fonk. Ze heeft een lange geschiedenis in het maken van mooie (bekroonde) projecten voor kinderen, families en het onderwijs. We zijn trots op ons werk voor o.a.  educatieve uitgevers, het Klokhuis, KNVB, ING en verschillende musea  (bijvoorbeeld Nemo). Astrid schrijft en tekent voor verschillende blogs en sites over creativiteit, leren en maken en ze is de kids-expert van Bright. Ook geeft ze regelmatig lezingen en gaat ze graag in gesprek.