Children have been playing outside less frequently and we think that’s a shame, because playing outside is a lot of fun! And it’s healthy too. That’s why we’ve created iPad app TikkieTakkie together with the KNVB (The Royal Dutch Football Association). 

An app that encourages children to play outside more and teaches them games and tricks with a ball. Together with kids in their neighbourhood!


Project Lead:
IOs Lead: Bart
IOs dev: Marijn
Visual Design: Oskar
UX Design: Stephanie
SCRUM Leader: Karlijn

Kinderen 10 t/m 14 jaar.

TikkieTakkie iOS app


To get children outside we wanted to inspire them. Tikkie Takkie shows inspiring video’s of games that you could play outside, such as Tens or Wheelie bin shots.
But it also shows you how to learn tricks with a ball. That way you can learn how to do an ‘easy man shuffle’ or an ‘akka knie’.


The video’s were edited by Eboman which makes them visually appealing to the target audience. To view and to share. After watching the video’s you just want to go outside and try a trick or game.

After the kids have finished playing outside, they can indicate in the app how long they were playing outside for. The more and longer the children play outside, the more inspiring video’s are played free.


Create your own

And if that’s not enough, we added a new feature to the app with which the child can make their own Tikkie. This is a GIF generated based on what the child played, how fun it was and how well it went.

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